Faculty of Dentistry

Dentistry as component part of medicine is aimed to assure the population with medical assistance in dentistry. The achievement of this purpose belongs to the specialists with general and high education in dentistry.

As a result of the scientific studies and researches, the dentist becomes a doctor with a large spectrum of training: dental medicine, general, medical-biological, scientific, economic, social, informational, humanitarian, cultural medicine, who is ready to activate in new social economic conditions, of economic globalization, meet the requirements of the time.

In the Republic of Moldova, the dentists of high qualification are formed at the State University of Medicine and Pharmaceutics „Nicolae Testemitanu», faculty of Dentistry. Over a period of 43 years, over 3972 youth graduated the faculty, which activate today in all branches of the system of dentistry from the country and abroad. According to the data of the World Health Organization, the faculty at the chapter of forming dentists ranks 24 in the world.

The education of the dentists at the faculty is oriented to the future of the integration in the European and world structures. Within the medical-biological and dentistry chairs, the students gain deep knowledge in dental medicine. The general and dental medical clinics teach them theoretic notions and practical abilities in the diagnosis and prophylaxis of different diseases if the organs and systems of body, especially the dental ones. In public and private medical sanitary institutions, that are university clinic basis, students and residents gain practical abilities in the specialty of dentistry of general and orthodontic profile.

Thus, the system of training within the faculty of dentistry of the SMPhU „ Nicolae Testemitanu" assures the future dentist the possibility to activate in any field of dentistry.