Faculty of Medicine

The history of Faculty of General Medicine started in October 1945 and coincides to the transfer of the Institute of Medicine from Saint Petersburg from Chisinau, as to found the State Institute of Medicine from the Republic of Moldova. At the moment of foundation, the Faculty constituted the basis of the Institute and comprised about 250 students of II-V years and 27 social-humanistic, fundamental and clinic chairs. The first dean of the Faculty was the professor A. Lvov.

Thanks to the considerable increase of the number of students and of the didactic staffs in 1970, the Faculty, conditionally, is divided into Preclinical General Medicine (aa.1-III) and the Faculty of Clinic General Medicine (aa. IV-VI)

The new requirements in the unification and standardization of the process of training of future doctors, the trend to implement the European and world experience in forming staffs of doctors imposes in 1995 the joining of 2 faculties, General Preclinical and Clinic Medicine in one faculty-the General Medicine and later on the incorporation within it of the faculties of Pediatrics and of Preventive Medicine, thus forming definitely the specialty of General Medicine.

At present, the Faculty of General Medicine covers 2969 students, 38 preclinical and clinic chairs, and a didactic staff made up from 83 PhDs in medicine - university professors, 240 PhD lecturers, 307 doctors in sciences and 291 lecturers' assistants.
20 administrative chairs managed by other deanships participate alongside with the chairs of Faculty of General Medicine at students training.

The appreciation at right value of the activity of the Faculty was held in December 2005, when it was assessed by the Council of Assessing the International Conference of Deans of Medicine of French Expression CAICDMFE.

Since 01.09.2004 the Faculty of Public Health activates within the faculty of General Medicine that comprises 250 students with the duration of education of 6 years, following the purpose to educate doctors in the field of sanitary management, hygiene and epidemiology.